Highway 90 South

Jenny Brook's life is torn apart by the secrets she keeps. The story unfolds, revealing reasons for Jenny's inauspicious death. In the time-honored coastal town of Mobile, Alabama, the past is kept alive through clandestine desires, manipulative schemes and characters such as Charlotte, the eccentric matriarch who strives to keep the family name untarnished at all costs. Jenny's husband, Daniel, controls his wife and his reputation with lies, finesse, and blame. He gets his way with most women until the intriguing Robin decides to set him straight. An invitation to cousin Johanthan's wedding with Clevon Chancey puts Daniel in a bind until he learns that his rich uncle expects the family to attend. The ceremony, held at an opulent southern mansion, proves to be a spectacular event. Jenny's family history and the knowledge that her mother is not really dead add to Daniel's control over his somber wife.


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